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5 oz. 100% Beef Liver + Minerals (Calcium, Magnesium), Potassium, Salmon Oil (Micro-processed), Pumpkin & Egg White. 

Try our best immune boost seller • 5 oz 100% Whole Egg + Turmeric + Pumpkin + Vitamin B12

All natural Golden Egg Turmeric Vitamin B-12 Pumpkin

Beef liver made from 100% grass fed beef with added calcium, magnesium, potassium, salmon oil (micro-filtered), pumpkin and egg white. 5 OZ. bag of 100% beef liver 49.5% protein without potato starch or seeds. We practice responsible capitalism. Our treats are guaranteed to be all natural. No hormones or pesticides, vegetable glycerine or pryidoxine hydrochloride. DogGenix will only produce healthy treats. Gourmet beef liver dog treat because only one bag of DogGenix can be produced from one cow.  Suggested daily portion:  Small dogs, 1-2 approx. one inch pieces. Larger dogs, 2-4 approx. one inch pieces.

Golden Egg is a high 38% protein gourmet dog treat.   These delicious treats, made from whole eggs are a vegetarian, grain free, all natural treat, in small bites, perfect for dogs of all sizes and ages.  These treats feature 38% protein plus turmeric and pumpkin to help support your dogs immune system, aid digestion and act as an anti-inflammatory, for your canine companion.  You will not find salt, sugar or sweeteners, harmful ingredients for your dog.  Suggested daily portion: 4-5 Golden Egg Treats.

Gluten free. No added hormones, preservatives, sugars, sweeteners, molasses, syrup, salt, honey, flour, grains, artificial flavors, filler, potato starch, seeds, vegetable glycerine, pryidoxine hydrochloride, corn or soy. Added minerals calcium and magnesium. Minerals sourced from  rock in a pure form not exposed to pesticides or chemical dumping. 

Liver is a fantastic source of vitamins and iron. In fact, it can contain much more of the essential nutrients your dog needs than muscle meat. Natural source of vitamins A, B & K. All carnivores especially dogs, eat the organs (Liver) first because of the higher nutrients than muscle meat. Most commercial dog foods and treats do not have liver listed in the ingredients. 

Egg is an excellent source of protein.  Turmeric will help support your dog’s immune system and will act as a natural anti-inflammatory and plaque reducer.  Pumpkin will aid digestion. Vitamin B 12 will give your dog more energy.

Your dogs will tell you they want more DogGenix treats.

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Showing all 12 results