Dog Food Nutrition

Nothing but the best ingredients for your dog. Your dog has genetics that cannot be altered by diet. Giving your dog pea protein or soy will stress your dog’s digestive track. Dogs cannot absorb vegetable proteins efficiently. Dog snack food and kibble food is filled with peas, potatoes and rice. This is to add weight to the bag and charge you for very little nutrition. Adding more profit to the manufacturers. But the protein analysis on the food is above 30% making consumers think it is a quality product.

Manufacturers are relying on naive consumers to not be educated that the only protein your dog is absorbing is the animal protein not the pea protein included in the percentage. In reality consumers are paying for less than 20% protein on average that their dog can benefit from and digest. Sugar, salt and flour are added by most dog food manufacturers to make your dog addicted to the snack just like the human food.

Flaxseeds are used by manufacturers for omega 3. Flaxseed is also not digested by dogs and becomes toxic to the dogs body. We use micro filtered fish oil for omega 3 in our snacks. Removing the mercury and many harmful contaminants. Stop poisoning your dog with a diet that is harming your dogs with ingredients that are not made for their diet. Our products at have only your dogs health as a concern. We are not going to ever produce food that will harm your dog for a profit.

Our dog food snacks have the following benefits:

Golden Egg – Benefits of turmeric are anti-inflammatory, immune builder, improves skin health, fights disease, anti-oxidant, reduces depression, maintains sugar balance, limits joint pain. Reduces head aches, lowers cholesterol, aids digestion, prevents dementia, fights cancer, balances hormone levels, prevents hair loss, promotes fat loss and cleanses the liver. Pumpkin for digestion. Vitamin B-12 for nervous system and immune system. Eggs for protein.

Beef Liver Platinum Standard – Added calcium for bone and muscle health and digestion. Added magnesium for digestion, bones, cell health, balance, stress, fatigue, insomnia and immune system. Protection again hypertension and stress. Fish oil for nervous system, improves endurance, joint pain, improves skin, reduces cholesterol and improves brain and heart health. Reduces tumor growth. Our product is micro-filtered to remove mercury and other impurities. Pumpkin for digestion. Liver for protein.