Beef Liver Per Bag Order

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Beef Liver  100% grass fed beef. Added calcium, magnesium, potassium, salmon oil, pumkin and egg white. With added calcium and magnesium. Gluten free. No hormones, no anti-biotics, no preservatives, no sugars, no coloring, no fillers, no grains, no flour, no soy, no artificial flavors, no honey, no syrup, no salt, potato starch, seeds, vegetable glycerine, pryidoxine hydrochloride and no corn.

Feeding instructions:

Under 35 pounds feed a 1 inch piece of liver jerky two times per day.

Over 35 pounds feed a 2 inch piece of liver jerky two times per day.


100% Money Back Guarantee • Free shipping • Tax Included • Flat Price • 5 oz. 100% Beef Liver + Minerals (Calcium & Magnesium) • Potassium  • Salmon Oil • Pumpkin • Egg White

We practice responsible capitalism. Our treats are guaranteed to be all natural. DogGenix will only produce healthy treats. Gourmet beef liver dog treat because only one bag of DogGenix can be produced from one cow. Made from grass fed cows with no hormones or pesticides.